SDCC partners in project preparation and implementation:


Iceland - Persona Optima Iceland Ltd is consultancy organization active in human resource management, marketing, development, security and safety, project management and event management.


Italy - E.Ri.Fo. Research and Training Institution is a non profit institution offering consultancy services to organisations and systems, in the fields of research, vocational training, individual and organisational guidance.


Turkey - Ahi Evran University (AEU) is a university in the center of Kirsehir which is located between the capital city Ankara and Cappadocia region.


Cyprus - RCI Research and Consultancy Institute, Ltd is company active in consulting, research and project managing.


Denmark - VIFIN, Videnscenter for Integration.


Norway -VoPro Adult Education Centre




AD IT Training Centre
AIZRP - District Adult Education Centre

Lithuania - ERCC – Švietimo, tyrim┼│ ir konsultacij┼│ centras
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