Congratulations for the winners of the Competition!

Congratulations for the winners of the Competition!

 Competition of essays is over and we are happy to announce our Lithuanian winners:


1st place - Ms. Giedrė Šliogerytė „Is there any place on earth for peace?“


2nd place - Ms. Jovita Kliukaitė „The nature of peace“


3rd place - Ms. Junija Tamošiūnaitė „Angels city“


4th   place - Ms. Audra Bardauskienė for „Sincere relationships in the family is the foundation of peace in the world“


5th place - Ms. Margarita Mankutė  for „Personal experience about Peace“


Winner of the first place Giedrė Šliogerytė will participate in the Final Event of Grundtvig Learning Partnership IPPA. International Peace Promotion Action“ which will be organizes in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Other winners will be awarded with certificates of Persona Optima and graditutes of SDCC.


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