SDCC staff members has extensive experience in the planning and implementing Lifelong Learning Program projects such as Grundtvig Learning partnerships and Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects.
One of the most successful trainings was "Conflict and stress management in the face of economic crisis".
SDCC actively participated and collaborated in two Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects: "POTENCIAL. Professional orientation tendencies in consulting youth with special needs", No. LLP-LdV-VETPRO-2010-LT-0477 (2010-2011) and "PROVINSE. Professional orientation and consultation in new social – economical environment" (2009 - 2010).

Trainings, seminars

Practical workshop "the Organization of Working Time. Stress Management and Risk. Self Coaching. 

Team Coaching. Relaxation Techniques"


2015-09-03. Our lecturers have conducted training sessions according to the ERCC project Erasmus+ KA1. A variety of teaching methods (tests, practical assignments, World Cafe, autobiographical method, drawing Fractals and others) received a positive evaluation by participants.



"Conflict and stress management in the face of economic crisis"


The economic crisis is not just financial but even more the psychological risk to the society. It‘s outcome usually are negative emotions, stress, conflicts, which is reflected not only in company’s intercommunication, but also in communication with customers. Declining wages, rising prices, the risk of dismissal ... All this only contributes to nowadays so widespread stress and tension.

In order to reduce the pace of contemporary life affected by tension and prepare for the forthcoming economic crisis, it is necessary to learn constructive solution of conflicts and manage stressful situations.


Programme of trainings:


Psychological stress management. Stress control:

  • Recognition of stress: physiological and psychological response.
  • How to overcome the negative impact of the provisions of stress.
  • The meaning of self-confidence.
  • Effective methods of psychological stress management.


Business communication in stress situations - how to manage your own behaviour and feelings:

  • Influence of organization‘s culture on customer loyalty.
  • Professional communication in stressful situations.


Customer service culture: problematic situations and their personal reactions to repression:

  • Maintenance of customer loyalty in difficult situations.
  • A constructive response to criticism and dissatisfaction.
  • Difficult situations with customers: the practical tasks.


Practical management of conflicts and stressful situations:

  • Effective behaviour in conflict situations, the main errors.
  • Conflict resolution strategies and management steps.
  • Stress control during the conflict.
  • Setting of personal conflict resolution style.
  • Main reasons of conflicts in the workplace and their practical solution.
  • Difficult situations at job relations.


Lina Kantautiene and Jurgita Kadagiene had presentation “Experience of working with women groups”. Project coordinator O.S.A. Italy presented “EXPA results and outcomes”, representative of Labour Market Regina Šuliakiene had presentation “Opportunities for employment of foreigners and the current situation in Lithuania”.
Partners summarized all activities carried out during the 2 years of the project. All project activities were presented in Final project dissemination event – conference “From Participation to Integration”.
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