SDCC staff members has extensive experience in the planning and implementing Lifelong Learning Program projects such as Grundtvig Learning partnerships and Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects.
One of the most successful trainings was "Conflict and stress management in the face of economic crisis".
SDCC actively participated and collaborated in two Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects: "POTENCIAL. Professional orientation tendencies in consulting youth with special needs", No. LLP-LdV-VETPRO-2010-LT-0477 (2010-2011) and "PROVINSE. Professional orientation and consultation in new social – economical environment" (2009 - 2010).


    SDCC staff members has extensive experience in the planning and implementing Lifelong Learning Program projects. Since 2004 SDCC together with our foreign partners participated in the implementation of Grundtvig Learning Partnerships, the Nordplus Adult Program, Leonardo da Vinci Mobility and Erasmus + projects.


     More information about projects:


   ERASMUS+ strategical partnership "EXPA. From EXclusion to PArticipation", 2016-2018.

   Grundtvig Learning Partnership "WUW. Women Understanding Women", 2010-2012.

  Grundtvig Learning Partnership "IPPA. International Peace Promotion Action" 

    Nordplus Adult project "WISE - Wide incorporation of social-cultural education of adults from Nordic-Baltic peripheral areas. Creation of methodology".


ERASMUS strategical partnership EXPA "From EXclucion to PArticipation", 2016-2018.


   The main priority of the EXPA project is to promote the social integration and employability of migrant women in the field of handicraft and creativity through development of their basic and transversal skills.

     EXPA project partnership comprises 6 partners from 6 different EU member states: Italy, Iceland, France, Cyprus, Lithuania and Holland.     Project partners will develop, test, adapt and integrate innovative training model that will enable  trainers to establish a creative and intercultural learning environments with the use of contemporary informal methods, to motivate and increase participation of target group in learning programmes, improve their basic and transversal skills and thus make it more consistent with socio-economic needs.



More information about project is here


Grundtvig Learning Partnership


"WUW. Women Understanding Women", 2010-2012


    SDCC participates in new Grundtvig Learning Partnership "WUW. Women Understanding Women", 2010-2012.


More information about this project is here.


WISE - Wide incorporation of social-cultural education of adults from Nordic-Baltic peripheral areas. Creation of methodology.
Nordplus Adult Programme.


    The goal of the project is to create a network that would identify the most effective ways for educating Lithuanians, Latvians, Icelanders, Swedish, Norwegians, Danish about social environment, culture and labour market (further in the text term ’socio - cultural education’ will be used).

    The network would focus in finding the best methods to educate adult in socio - cultural field as there has been noticed a need to educate people (especially from peripheral areas) about social and cultural environment in other countries. Various important problems like tolerance, understanding, integration could be solved much easier by creating a socio - cultural education network.

    This project is partially funded by Nordplus Adult Programme.

    More information about project can be found


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IPPA - International Peace Promotion Action.
Grundtvig Learning Partnership from Lifelong Learning Programme.


    Five partners from five countries gathered together for one propose – to raise awareness about Global peace promotion actions in the world. Global security is a topic which is important not only for professionals, but also for common people too. With this project we want to encourage all people to share positive attitudes about keeping peace in the world. One of the objectives of the project is to promote intercultural dialogue between people from different nationalities, religion, ethnicity, etc.

    One of the IPPA proposes is to organize Competition of essays. Participants will be ordinary people, students, politicians from 5 countries. Best essays will be putted in the special e-journal and spread around the world. The winner of the competition will be granted a trip to Iceland to final event of the project ‘Peace Promotion Action’.
This project is funded with support of European Commission.

    More information about project can be found



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Innovative e-sales system development
Economic Development Strategy Programme,

The measure E-business Lt.


  Economic Development Strategy Programme provides the development of high-technologies and informational technologies use in business. But society usualy lack of information and don‘t trust in activities developed in cyberspace. Though Lithuanian e-stores are growing extensively, they are much lower in quality compared to foreign companies, most of the e-projects are incomplete, sometimes important errors occur.

   During the project the society will be accurately informed about advantages of using e-shops and communication through the Internet. More effective communication between the seller and consumer will ensure more transparent consumers‘ protection, service integrity and informational security.

   The main objective of the project is to increase the company’s competitiveness and efficiency of e-business through the creation of innovative e-marketing system and optimizing the business processes.

    Project is created and implemented together with UAB “Meganora”.

Lina Kantautiene and Jurgita Kadagiene had presentation “Experience of working with women groups”. Project coordinator O.S.A. Italy presented “EXPA results and outcomes”, representative of Labour Market Regina Šuliakiene had presentation “Opportunities for employment of foreigners and the current situation in Lithuania”.
Partners summarized all activities carried out during the 2 years of the project. All project activities were presented in Final project dissemination event – conference “From Participation to Integration”.
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