SDCC staff members has extensive experience in the planning and implementing Lifelong Learning Program projects such as Grundtvig Learning partnerships and Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects.
One of the most successful trainings was "Conflict and stress management in the face of economic crisis".
SDCC actively participated and collaborated in two Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects: "POTENCIAL. Professional orientation tendencies in consulting youth with special needs", No. LLP-LdV-VETPRO-2010-LT-0477 (2010-2011) and "PROVINSE. Professional orientation and consultation in new social – economical environment" (2009 - 2010).

About us

Social Development & Consultancy Centre (SDCC) is a non-profit non-governmental organization active in adult education, consulting, research, project preparation and implementation. SDCC aims to develop personal skills and professional qualifications in order to deal with long-term and sustained unemployment; facilitate the development of a knowledge society by promoting modern teaching and consulting methodologies, promote intellectual and emotional growth by providing society with ideas of tolerance and effective communication.

Preventing of conflicts is especially important nowadays in the time of economical and social crisis. Here in Lithuania we feel complex results of this situation: high increase in migration numbers, disharmony in families and labour relations, emotional and behavioural problems of children which usually are an outcome of separated families. All these situations must be solved in the nearest future in order to prevent bigger and crucial conflicts.

Peace and balance is important for everyone of us. Women want to foster their children without fearing conflict situations in their families. Men notice that violence and force doesn’t make expected results. Employers understand that only communication and effective solving of conflicts is a clue to success.

We believe that there is only one solution in dealing with all these consequences of social and economical crisis.

Only educating people with practical psychological knowledge and skills will lead to effective conflict solving in families, labour market and whole society.


Our mission is to promote and support education and labour market. We provide and organize various trainings and courses for adult students, offer internships, carry out research. Our activities focus especially on disadvantaged social groups, e.g. immigrants, elderly workers, long-term unemployed, workers with no or useless qualifications, young people without job experience, seniors citizens, etc.

The staff members working for SDCC have a wide experience in planning and implementation of tasks aimed at Lifelong education, human resource management and other fields. We have a good team of professionals: psychologists, human resource management specialists, educationalists and project managers which have enough experience in the planning and management of European, national and regional projects


We hope that developing our activities and projects in these fields we will receive more opportunities to be heard and to broaden the scope of information, contacts, and areas of influence in education of tolerant and self-responsible members of our society.

Lina Kantautiene and Jurgita Kadagiene had presentation “Experience of working with women groups”. Project coordinator O.S.A. Italy presented “EXPA results and outcomes”, representative of Labour Market Regina Šuliakiene had presentation “Opportunities for employment of foreigners and the current situation in Lithuania”.
Partners summarized all activities carried out during the 2 years of the project. All project activities were presented in Final project dissemination event – conference “From Participation to Integration”.
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